Tactical Athlete Body and Mind


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Tactical athlete is a strength and conditioning class for the challenges and requirements of peak athletic performance while under high stress: military, police, border patrol, fire fighter, and collegiate athlete.

Strict program of workouts

Improve your fight skills

Super high output training (S.H.O.T) drills

Hand to Hand drills (H2H) (kettlebell juggling)

Improve grip strength and wrist strength

Boxing, shooting, and agility drills

Turkish Get-up (TGU) drills

Improve balance and coordination

Weighted pull ups and weighted dips

Kettlebell strength training

Battling ropes

Increase cardiovascular strength

Strengthens ankles, knees, hips, back, shoulders, neck, elbows, and wrists

Safely rehabilitate your body after surgery or injury

Specialize in shoulder and back injury rehabilitation exercises

Safely strengthen and rehabilitate body limitations or troublesome “old” injuries

Do NOT work to muscle failure, stop short of this


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