Coaches Body and Mind

Our coaches will accelerate your performance expectations as an athlete. Our programming consists of particular exercises that will meet the requirements and demands of your personal goals. We seldom repeat the same exercise within a 3 day rotation, unless a particular goal has been identified such as rehabilitation of an injury. This varied but strictly designed programming creates general athletic strength as whole body development, focusing on power and speed. Thus, our formula for creating champions. Meet your Coaches:


Biography Coach Elizabeth

Owner and Operator:
Athletic Body and Mind, LLC
Tactical Athlete Affiliate
CrossFit Body and Mind Affiliate
CrossFit Kids Body and Mind Affiliate

Titles and Awards:
USAW Weightlifting:
Masters American National Champion 2011
Kansas State Championship Masters Title 2011
Washington State Championship AAA High School Track and Field 1980; 100 meter sprint champion


 Jacob is a regionals competitor.
 Laura is an experienced coach.
 Mike is an experience coach.
 Virginia is an experienced coach.

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