Olympic Lifts Body and Mind

We are pleased to announce our O-LiftSeminar Two of our local USAW senior coaches will host the workshop. They will teach and refine skills on the two Olympic lifts: Snatch and the Clean and Jerk. Whatever your present level of skill, this workshop will improve your form and technique. At $60 for 3.5 hours of high quality instruction, it’s a bargain. Slots will fill quickly. Reserve your place now.

Olympic Lifts is a strength and conditioning program that safely teaches the two Olympic lifts: Snatch and the Clean And Jerk.

Olympic Lifts teach an athlete to fire a maximum amount of their muscle fibers instantaneously and maximally. This type of explosively based training teaches an athlete to apply large amounts of force into one movement.

A strict program of workouts aligned to collegiate weight room standards
Develops core strength, Emphasis on posterior and anierior, Strengthens ankles, knees, hips, back, shoulders, neck, elbows, and wrists, Increases your vertical leap, Develops speed and power, Core to extremity reflex, Strengthens hamstrings, Neuromuscular explosion for sports performance, Learn safety under the bar while under heavy load, Learn proper technique to protect your posterior chain (back), Learn proper lifting sequencing and how to increase your 1 rep max safely, Be able to share what you have learned with others.


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