Getting Started

How do I get started?

3 easy steps:

1. Contact Us - It’s important to PLEASE contact via phone or email to schedule your first class so we can find out about your fitness background, how you heard about us and if you are new to CrossFit. This way we can tailor your experience so you get the MOST out of your training!

2. Schedule A Beginner Level Class - We ask that everyone attend one of our beinner classes UNLESS you have already made arrangements with a coach to attend at another level or want to take private training sesseions. We PROMISE you the beginner class will be exciting and kick your ass! Remember that we are not your average boring globo gym and as the Valley CrossFit saying goes “Your Workout Is Our Warmup.”

3. Come Prepared - Please plan to arrive 15-20 mins early to your first class, if you get there after class begins it’s not only disrespectful to the coach but to your fellow members and so we may not be able to let you train that day. Getting there early allows time for you to fill out paperwork, meet the coach, get acquainted with our awesome gym and of course to stretch.

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